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  • How to properly clean car sheet metal parts?

    2022-09-27 10:36:02
    After the car sheet metal parts are repaired or repaired, the next process is very important, that is, cleaning, do the cleaning work well, and the car body will look brand new.
  • Automotive stamping parts adopt the process of hot stamping

    2022-09-20 10:16:59
    If the hot stamping forming process is used for automobile stamping parts, the benefits it can bring are mainly to realize the lightweight production of automobiles, and to effectively improve the strength of stamping parts. Moreover, it is molded at high temperature, so it has the advantages of high molding accuracy, high molding performance, etc., and there is no springback problem. The auto parts that can be used are the anti-collision beams, safety parts and car body structural parts.
  • How to clean car sheet metal parts?

    2022-09-13 09:08:47
    Repairmen must remove welding slag and glue, and then clean the surface of the body. In particular, exposed metal surfaces must be sprayed with anti-corrosion materials. After the body restoration work is completed, it needs to be assembled. Assemble the trimmed body and local accessories, parts to be replaced and dismantled parts according to the requirements of the original car.
  • Industrial development of auto parts

    2022-09-05 14:07:17
    In recent years, we should all see that China's independent brands are constantly improving, and the key core parts are also rapidly improving. The sales of China's top 100 parts enterprises are also increasing, and the R & D investment and institutions are improving. This can fully show that China has indeed made great progress in auto parts. This is a fact that can not be ignored.
  • There are six inspection methods for automobile stamping parts

    2022-08-29 16:08:34
    Only by strictly controlling the quality can we produce stamping products with more market competitiveness. It is also the goal of every enterprise to create good products with low cost. When we can not control the price of raw materials, we can only choose to operate and test carefully in the production process to reduce the quantity of inferior products.
  • What are the common problems of metal automobile stamping parts?

    2022-08-22 09:34:27
    The common problem of the die in production is that the die always breaks the punch. There are many reasons for breaking the punch. Generally, the thickness of the raw material is relatively thick, and the punch is relatively weak, so it is easy to break the punch. The punch reinforcement problem needs to be paid special attention to when opening the die of stainless steel products.
  • What are the precautions for auto sheet metal processing

    2022-08-15 17:01:25
    Precision automobile sheet metal parts are the basic process equipment to realize sheet metal processing. The surface quality of sheet metal stamping parts, precision sheet metal dimensional accuracy, productivity and economic benefits all depend on the reasonable design and manufacturing of the die structure. Therefore, at present, the design and manufacturing of stamping dies are developing in the following three directions.
  • Painting after replacing the automobile sheet metal parts

    2022-08-08 15:19:18
    The sheet metal parts produced by regular manufacturers will be mechanically cut and welded. The welding points or cutting edges are flat and smooth, and rough edges of rough cutting hands will not be left.
  • Time division of material selection and processing industry for automobile stamping parts

    2022-08-01 16:37:26
    Car stamping parts play a very important role in the car industry, so when producing such stamping parts, the raw materials are also widely used. Generally, when producing such stamping parts, most of them use the cold stamping process to produce or process.
  • There are two main ways to solve the surface layer problem of automotive sheet metal parts

    2022-07-25 17:00:44
    Sheet metal parts refer to products processed by sheet metal technology. Sheet metal parts have been widely used in our daily life. Sheet metal parts have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, conductivity (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost, good mass production performance and so on. When in use, the common problem is the corrosion of the outer surface.
  • The appearance of engine hood of auto parts is very important

    2022-07-18 10:48:11
    Nylon is commonly used in the following automotive parts: engine hood, rocker arm cover, cooling and heating devices, and fuel tank. Most nylon resins used in these areas are reinforced with 20-40% glass fiber or other mineral fibers to improve strength. Nylon resin can also be treated with special chemical methods to reduce the disadvantages of hydrolysis and oxidation and enhance the advantages of heat resistance.
  • What are the characteristics of auto parts rack?

    2022-07-11 09:43:33
    From the current development of domestic auto parts enterprises, on the whole, it is still at a low level. There are many production enterprises, but they are relatively scattered. Large and small parts manufacturers are all over the country, but there are few large-scale ones. Due to the decentralization of manufacturers, the competitive advantage of enterprises is not prominent, the data accumulation is small, and the R & D capacity is general, which cannot meet the large-scale demand of foreign investors.
  • Common problems in the application of automotive stamping parts

    2022-07-04 10:01:43
    The common problem of dies in production is that the dies always break the punch. There are many reasons for breaking the punch. Generally, the thickness of raw materials is relatively thick, and the punch is relatively weak, which will easily break the punch.
  • Attach importance to welding process of automobile parts

    2022-06-27 11:43:01
    The quality of auto parts is the premise to ensure the quality of the whole vehicle, and the welding process is undoubtedly the basis to ensure the quality of auto parts, so we must pay attention to the welding process of auto parts. The quality of the whole vehicle can only be guaranteed if the production process of each link is fine.
  • Pay attention to the inspection of automobile sheet metal parts when purchasing

    2022-06-20 10:49:53
    check whether the trademark is complete. The outer packaging of authentic products is of good quality. The writing on the packaging box is clear and the overprint color is bright.
  • Cutting treatment in automobile sheet metal processing

    2022-06-13 10:48:03
    The cutting processing of automobile sheet metal parts is not only to change the shape, but also to deal with the thickness and other aspects. In this way, the effect of using in different cases is also different.
  • High technology and high brand barriers in the field of auto parts

    2022-06-06 11:49:45
    Compared with the high-tech and high brand barriers of traditional fuel vehicles in the field of auto parts, new energy vehicles are regarded as a new starting line, and even an opportunity for independent brands to overtake in the corner. However, due to multiple factors such as unclear market orientation, new energy vehicles have not yet fully exploded, and the volume of fuel vehicles is still large, honeycomb Yichuang's products still adopt the development path for the development of traditional fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles and other types of vehicles.
  • Automobile sheet metal parts need to rely on professional technicians

    2022-05-27 16:47:18
    With the development of the times, many foreign automobile mold manufacturing technologies are gradually replaced and covered by computer technology. The high-precision processing mode makes the mold manufacturing more standardized and accurate. This high-tech is worth learning from by our country. In the production of automobile stamping die, CAD, cam, CAE, vacuum treatment technology, laser heat treatment and welding technology have their own intellectual property software, and have been well applied. After practical training, many domestic automobile stamping die enterprises have successfully applied CAE technology to realize the ability of Synchronous Engineering Analysis of automobile digital simulation and stamping process.
  • Surface treatment methods commonly used in automobile sheet metal processing

    2022-05-21 10:54:18
    In recent years, we should all see that China's independent brands are constantly improving, the key core parts are also rapidly improving, the sales of China's top 100 parts enterprises are also increasing, and the R & D investment and institutions are improving, which can fully show that China has indeed made great progress in auto parts, which can not be ignored.
  • Cold stamping materials are closely related to the production of automotive stamping parts

    2022-05-13 17:07:13
    Titanium is a metal material commonly used in the processing of precision automotive stamping parts. Titanium alloy is an alloy material composed of titanium as the basic element and mixed with other metal elements. It has the advantages of low density, high strength, good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, easy welding and good process performance. It can be processed into various titanium alloy products, which are widely used in the following industries.
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