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  • Principles to be followed when choosing auto parts materials

    2023-03-08 16:21:36
    A large number of cold stamping processes are used in the production of automobile stamping parts, which is suitable for the needs of the automobile stamping parts industry with many varieties and the mass production of A106B seamless pipes.
  • Automobile stamping parts to select metal materials with different mechanical functions

    2023-03-02 11:34:43
    A large number of cold stamping processes are used in the production of automobile auto parts to meet the needs of the automobile stamping parts industry for multi-variety and mass production. In medium and heavy-duty cars, most of the covering parts, such as body panels, and some load-bearing and supporting parts such as frame, carriage and other car parts are car stamping parts.
  • The application of automotive parts is becoming more and more widespread

    2023-02-23 09:39:56
    Auto parts suppliers, by virtue of their advanced parts design and R & D technology, long-term solid cooperation with vehicle manufacturers or their own is derived from foreign brands of vehicles and other first advantages, in China's key auto parts manufacturing field to play a leading role.
  • ​Precautions when choosing seat cushions for automobile sheet metal parts

    2023-02-16 17:05:25
    When it comes to choosing seat cushions for automobile sheet metal parts, the first one is the issue of price. When buying seat cushions, you must have a price in mind, and choose to buy according to your own consumption ability. Then there is the question of style. The car seat cushion you buy should match the style of your car.
  • The development status of automobile stamping parts technology

    2023-02-09 11:07:42
    Stamping is one of the four major processes of automobile manufacturing. The manufacturing accuracy of the car body depends to a large extent on the accuracy of stamping and its assembly. Automotive stamping parts technology originated from the development and needs of mass production, especially the development of the automotive industry, and it is still the case now.
  • Automobile sheet metal materials must have good process performance

    2023-02-02 16:10:26
    In modern life, automobiles are not only one of the important means of transportation in industry, agriculture and even all walks of life, but also one of the important activities in human daily life.
  • Basic process equipment for high-quality automobile sheet metal parts

    2023-01-11 17:12:20
    Precision sheet metal process design mainly includes two aspects: process analysis of punching parts and determination of punching process plan. Good manufacturability and reasonable process plan can stably obtain high-quality crystals that meet the requirements with a small material consumption, a small number of processes and man-hours, and make the mold structure simple and the mold life long, thus reducing labor and blanking cost.
  • Considerations in choosing sheet metal parts for automobiles

    2023-01-03 17:32:19
    In the choice of car sheet metal parts seat cushion, the first one is the price of the problem, when you go to buy seat cushion heart should have a price level, according to their own consumption capacity to choose to buy.
  • The machining process of automotive parts is a more complex issue

    2022-12-26 09:20:13
    The processing process of sheet metal automotive parts is a more complex issue. In this paper, we briefly explain the basic principles of process setting for general sheet metal parts in order to find out the basic methods of process setting. In short, as an engineer, we should establish the cost concept, integrate the cost in the process, and look at the process of process setting from the overall global perspective.
  • When automotive sheet metal parts processing material is bent

    2022-12-19 16:49:11
    In the process of sheet metal processing, there are many processing techniques that need great attention, among which processing techniques include welding, cutting and other processes, as well as bending, but whether it is the bending radius or bending angle, we should pay a little attention to it so as not to be able to meet the design requirements.
  • What are the principles to be followed in automotive stamping parts?

    2022-12-12 09:42:07
    In addition to the above characteristics, automotive stamping parts processing is also more and more widely used in various industries, such as cars and machine tools. In practical use, thousands of high-speed compressions can be achieved per minute. These are more efficient than other general stamping equipment. The processing of parts is more meticulous, and the technical requirements are also very cautious.
  • Typical example of die forgings processed for auto parts

    2022-12-05 15:45:38
    In the manufacturing process of auto parts, forging is widely used. Forging is divided into free forging and solid model forging. Free forging is a processing method in which metal blanks are placed on an anvil to withstand impact or pressure and form them (commonly known as "strike iron"). The blanks of gears and shafts of automobiles are processed by free forging.
  • Qualified auto parts have no rust on the surface

    2022-11-28 10:03:20
    See if the joint is smooth. During the handling and storage of spare parts, due to vibration and bumping, burrs, indentations, damage or cracks often occur at the joint parts, which affect the use of parts. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing.
  • The gradual formation and development of the automotive sheet metal processing industry

    2022-11-21 16:42:05
    The multinational automotive component supplier, with its advanced parts design and R & D technology, long -term solid cooperation relationship with the vehicle manufacturer, or itself is from foreign vehicle brands, etc. The manufacturing field plays a leading role.
  • Automobile stamping parts must be equipped with safety protection devices

    2022-11-14 08:40:52
    The big feature of metal automobile stamping parts is that they have high dimensional accuracy, are uniform and consistent with the size of the module, and have good interchangeability.
  • The process of automobile sheet metal processing is the combination of theory and practice

    2022-11-07 15:35:27
    The sheet metal processing process mainly includes CNC programming blanking, bending, riveting, welding, spraying, packaging and other processes. The process of sheet metal processing is the combination of theory and practice.
  • Automobile sheet metal parts have high production efficiency

    2022-11-01 15:36:18
    In metal technology, corresponding to hot working, cold working refers to the processing technology that can cause plastic deformation of metal below the recrystallization temperature, such as cold rolling, cold drawing, cold forging, stamping, cold extrusion, etc. Cold working has great deformation resistance. While forming metal, work hardening can be used to improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece, but it will reduce the plasticity. Cold working is suitable for processing metal auto parts with small section size and high requirements for machining size and surface roughness.
  • After taking car sheet metal parts for repair or repair

    2022-10-24 16:34:19
    After the car sheet metal parts are repaired or repaired, the next process is very important, that is, cleaning. Do a good job of cleaning, and the car body will be completely new. How to clean it?
  • There is a lot of knowledge to know about automobile stamping parts

    2022-10-15 11:22:56
    In fact, there is a lot of knowledge to know about automotive stamping parts. Many problems are beyond your reach at ordinary times. The application of different stamping parts in different industries requires different knowledge points. The following is a brief introduction to stamping.
  • In many cases, the quality requirements for automotive stamping parts are very high

    2022-10-08 11:33:07
    Automobile stamping parts indicate that due to the importance of products, their quality requirements are very high in many cases, so stamping parts suppliers are the key to product quality assurance. First of all, it depends on whether the stamping parts manufacturer is regular. Second, it depends on whether the products it produces meet various quality and performance standards. Second, it depends on the service it provides.
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