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  • Is the Anti-collision Beam of Automotive Parts the Fundamental Factor to Ensure the Safety of Personnel in the Car?

    2019-07-05 14:19:09
    The anti-collision beam of automotive parts is by no means the fundamental factor to ensure the safety of the personnel in the car, but it is meaningful to the safety. Its function is reflected in the low-speed collision, while in the high-speed accident, the anti-collision beam of automotive parts is powerless.
  • Does the Price of Automobile Stamping Part Include the Price of Die?

    2019-07-05 11:45:32
    It is obvious that the necking of automobile stamping parts is difficult to detect. First of all, the mechanism of material deformation is understood. The process of material stretching and plastic deformation is mainly composed of three stages: uniform elongation stage, local elongation stage and cracking stage.
  • How to Test the Quality of Automobile Stamping Parts?

    2019-07-05 11:19:12
    Rockwell hardness tester is used for hardness testing of metal stamping parts. Small stamping parts with complex shapes can be used to test the plane is very small and can not be tested on ordinary desktop Rockwell hardness tester.
  • How to Punch and Bend Automobile Stamping Parts?

    2019-07-05 11:11:38
    Generally speaking, the working rhythm of stamping machine determines the production rhythm of stamping production line. The working time of the feeding and unloading mechanism and the workpiece conveying mechanism of the stamping production line should coincide with the stamping time of the stamping machine tool. In order to reduce or eliminate the assistant time of punching machine and die as much as possible, the loading and unloading device of sheet metal and the transport mechanism of workpiece must be able to complete the tasks of loading and unloading and conveying of workpiece as soon as possible so as to reduce the downtime of punching production line.
  • Key Points and Notices In the Design of Some Ribbons in Automobile Sheet Metal Parts

    2019-07-05 10:52:38
    The body is mounted on the frame of the chassis and is carried or loaded by the driver and passengers. The bus body is generally an integral structure, and the truck body is generally composed of cab and container.
  • How to Deal with the Surface of Automobile Sheet Metal?

    2019-07-05 10:43:54
    Many car owners believe that the same color of car paint is needed after the sheet metal parts are sprayed, so the spraying process of sheet metal parts will be neglected in the selection of sheet metal parts, thinking that it is not important, but this idea is incorrect. In order to prevent oxidation and rust, sheet metal parts need to be sprayed before they leave the factory. Indeed, the spraying links after replacing sheet metal parts can not only tone their colors, but also protect and prevent oxidation.
  • Basic Coating of Joint Surface of Automobile Sheet Metal Parts

    2019-07-05 10:23:02
  • Repair of Automobile Sheet Metal Parts and Correction of Beams

    2019-07-03 14:53:51
    ​Body straightening refers to the process of repairing parts damaged by accident or fatigue to the "state" of the technical standard when the vehicle leaves the factory through a certain external force.
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