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When automotive sheet metal parts processing material is bent
2022-12-19 16:49:11

In the process of sheet metal processing, there are many processing techniques that need great attention, among which processing techniques include welding, cutting and other processes, as well as bending, but whether it is the bending radius or bending angle, we should pay a little attention to it so as not to be able to meet the design requirements.

Automotive Sheet Metal Parts

When an automotive sheet metal part is bent, the outer layer is stretched and the inner layer is compressed in the rounded area, so the smaller the bending radius is, the more severe the stretching and compression of the material is, even causing cracks and fractures.

From this we understand that when designing the structure of sheet metal processing bending parts, we should avoid too small bending round corners, whose small bending radius is the height of the straight side of the bending part, so the height of the straight side of the bending part should not be too small either. When the sheet metal bending side with beveled bending parts, the small height of the side is the hole edge distance on the bending parts.

In addition, the bending line should avoid the position of abrupt change in size, in order to prevent the stress concentration at the sharp corner from generating bending cracks. It is good to move the bending line a certain distance away from the size abrupt change as the basic principle in order to ensure the bending effect.

In the sheet metal processing process, laser cutting is a very important process, a good laser cut parts can reduce many unnecessary steps for the subsequent processing, high precision laser cutting what are the important factors, today I will explain to you: 1.

1, the size of the laser beam through the spot after focusing. 

The smaller the spot after the laser beam is gathered, the higher the accuracy, especially the smaller the cut, the smaller the spot up to 0.01mm.       

2, the alignment accuracy of the table determines the repeat accuracy of laser cutting process, the higher the accuracy of the table, the higher the accuracy of cutting.    

3, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, the larger the cutting slit.

As the laser beam is conical, the cutting slit is also conical, the thickness of 0.3MM material is much smaller than the 2MM cutting slit.    

4, the workpiece material has a certain impact on the accuracy of laser cutting.       

In the same case, the cutting accuracy of different materials is slightly different, even if the same material, if the material composition is different, the cutting accuracy will also vary. Laser cutting process good quality, no extrusion, narrow kerf, high precision, good surface cleanliness of the kerf, cutting edge generally does not require reprocessing, is the ideal choice for processing and manufacturing industry.