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What are the principles to be followed in automotive stamping parts?
2022-12-12 09:42:07

In addition to the above characteristics, automotive stamping parts processing is also more and more widely used in various industries, such as cars and machine tools. In practical use, thousands of high-speed compressions can be achieved per minute. These are more efficient than other general stamping equipment. The processing of parts is more meticulous, and the technical requirements are also very cautious.

Automotive Stampings

It is the good stability and operability of stamping parts processing that give it a certain advantage in the market. Not only energy saving and environmental protection in terms of materials, but also economic benefits can be improved.

The chemical properties of aluminum are relatively active, and it is easy to react with acids and alkalis to cause corrosion, rust, blackening, and mildew. Aluminum materials are now widely used in automobile engines, transmissions, aviation equipment and other machinery and equipment operations, so the need for special stamping oil for aluminum stamping processing is increasing. Stamping oil products provide the necessary speed and large feed ratio for aluminum processing. Begging for excellent smoothness and cooling, which can prolong the service life of knives.

Most precision metal stamping parts are thin plate stamping parts, which can be completed by stamping, bending, stretching and other processes; what are the principles to be followed in precision metal stamping?

1. For parts with relatively simple stamping shapes, single-process stamping is used; for parts with complex shapes, due to the limitation of molds, multiple processes are required to make them. For parts with high flatness and forming accuracy, it can be increased later A plastic surgery.

2. For parts with high section standards of precision metal stamping parts, consider adding a trimming process after stamping or directly making a fine punch when opening the mold; the number of processes should also conform to the company's existing scale (equipment precision) and production height (some Strength of the modeling team).

3. For the processing of precision metal stamping parts, the design of stamping parts should be simple in shape and reasonable in structure, which is conducive to stamping operation and reasonable material saving.