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The application of automotive parts is becoming more and more widespread
2023-02-23 09:39:56

Auto parts suppliers, by virtue of their advanced parts design and R & D technology, long-term solid cooperation with vehicle manufacturers or their own is derived from foreign brands of vehicles and other first advantages, in China's key auto parts manufacturing field to play a leading role.


In this context, China's auto parts suppliers to key parts design and manufacturing often need to seek cooperation with multinational auto parts suppliers from the beginning, through continuous technology accumulation, narrow the gap with multinational auto parts suppliers in the field of key parts manufacturing and thus achieve the goal of the vehicle key parts independent supporting.

In order to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, automobile light weight has become a major problem to be solved in the process of vehicle manufacturing, the application of new materials such as ultra-high strength steel and aluminum alloy has become the development direction of the production process of auto parts suppliers.

Ultra-high strength steel, because of its physical characteristics of 3-4 times the tensile strength of ordinary steel under the same weight, not only meets the strength requirements of auto body but also fits the industry development trend of auto lightweighting, so the proportion of auto stamping parts is rising sharply; aluminum alloy, because of its light mass, low density, better heat dissipation and stronger pressure resistance, can be better applied in auto engine, chassis brake In recent years, the application in the manufacturing process of the whole vehicle is becoming more and more extensive.