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​Precautions when choosing seat cushions for automobile sheet metal parts
2023-02-16 17:05:25

When it comes to choosing seat cushions for automobile sheet metal parts, the first one is the issue of price. When buying seat cushions, you must have a price in mind, and choose to buy according to your own consumption ability. Then there is the question of style. The car seat cushion you buy should match the style of your car. If the best car seat cushion looks nondescript in the car, it is better not to put it; and the style should not be too fancy. It is simple and generous to match your car. The second is the specifications of the seat cushion. There are many seat cushions on the market that are universal for all seasons. If your car seat is not too small or too large, all the universal models on the market can be used, but now there are some The company is producing car seat cushions for special cars, and you can also choose special models for your own cars.

Bending molds are divided into standard molds and special bending molds according to the bending process. In the case of standard bending (right-angle and non-right-angle bending), standard molds are generally used for bending, and special molds are used for bending some special structural parts (such as step bending, dead edges, etc.). In addition, when bending sheets with different thicknesses, the selection of the opening size "V" groove size of the bending mold is different. Generally, the opening size of the "V" groove selected is 6-10 times the thickness of the plate (6t for 0.5-2.6mm, 8t for 3-8mm, 10t for 9-10mm, and 12t for more than 12mm).

Automobile sheet metal parts

When the sheet is thinner, select the orientation as a decimal number, and when the sheet is thicker, select the orientation as a large number. For example: 12mm V groove can be used when bending a 2mm plate. The standard bending angle is generally not less than 90 degrees, and the sharp angle of the upper mold and the lower mold of the standard bending machine mold is usually 88 degrees. In the case of non-standard bending, different upper mold shapes can be selected to bend different angles and shapes of plates. For sheet metal parts with special shapes, special bending dies can be selected for forming and bending.

When the material is bent, the outer layers are stretched and the inner layers are compressed in the fillet area. When the thickness of the material is constant, the smaller the inner r, the more serious the tension and compression of the material; when the tensile stress of the outer fillet exceeds the ultimate strength of the material, cracks and fractures will occur, so the structure of the curved part Design, should avoid too small bending fillet radius.