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Operability technology and guidance of automobile sheet metal parts
2023-03-15 15:58:34

Automobile sheet metal parts maintenance workers are now roughly divided into: Automobile maintenance electromechanical engineers, who provide various levels of maintenance and repair work for vehicle engines, gearboxes, and body electrical systems. Automobile maintenance sheet metal workers provide effective and reliable repair work for body collision damage. Auto repair painters provide paint treatments on the inside and outside of the car body. The work of auto repair sheet metal workers has now received widespread attention from the management departments of the auto repair industry, various auto repair companies and the majority of car owners. Paying attention to body repair work is actually a concrete manifestation of cherishing life and traveling safely.

Automobile sheet metal parts

The work of auto maintenance sheet metal workers has high technical content and strong technical requirements. At present, almost all auto maintenance companies at home and abroad are conducting theoretical and practical training for the majority of front-line sheet metal workers from time to time to enrich their technical connotation. , so that everyone is proficient in the modern new car body structure, body materials, new repair technology for body collision damage, and skilled in the use of various domestic and foreign sheet metal equipment and tools. Body repair techniques are constantly being updated, and the vast number of sheet metal repair personnel are also receiving learning and training in various ways. Articles similar to car body repair in various auto repair magazines also emerge in endlessly. Famous quotes from famous experts and silent words from experts also provide a large number of operable techniques and guidance for the majority of auto repairers.

Traditionally, auto maintenance sheet metal workers and cold work sheet metal workers (white iron workers) are collectively referred to as sheet metal workers. It is the use of some structural characteristics of steel plates to process some daily utensils, such as basins, barrels, pots, etc., the air supply and exhaust structure in the central air conditioning system in modern large buildings, and the air supply and exhaust in the dust removal system. The pipes are all cold-worked sheet metal.

Depending on the structural point of the building, these air supply ducts will have a large number of cylindrical pipes, rectangular elbows, large and small connectors, round heaven and earth, round sky and so on. The production of these components requires lofting, sample preparation, blanking, and then bending, edge laying, edge closing, edge pulling, edge curling, transverse bending, seaming, and rib making according to requirements. A large amount of work will be done by special machines. Such as mechanical bending, rolling forming, falling pressure forming and so on.

Now new cars are made of high-strength steel materials, and most of the body structures adopt the "3H" structure. If the "3H" structure cannot be effectively restored, it will bring greater safety hazards to the driving of the repaired vehicle. Body safety is active safety. During driving, drivers and passengers wearing seat belts are passive safety. First of all, when the safety of the vehicle body is ensured, the seat belts worn by the drivers and passengers and the airbags installed on the vehicle can work effectively, ensuring effective safety protection in the event of an unfortunate collision.