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Considerations in choosing sheet metal parts for automobiles
2023-01-03 17:32:19

In the choice of car sheet metal parts seat cushion, the first one is the price of the problem, when you go to buy seat cushion heart should have a price level, according to their own consumption capacity to choose to buy. Then is the question of style, the car seat cushion bought to match the style of the car, and then the good car seat cushion if placed in the car looks unlike, it is better not to put it; there is the style is not too fancy, simple and generous and their own car match it. Second is the seat cushion specifications, now there are many seat cushions on the market are four-season universal models, if your car seat is not too small or too large, the market is available for universal models, but now there are some companies in the production of special car seat cushion, you can also choose their own car special models.

Automobile sheet metal parts

Car seat cushion material is also to be considered. When choosing the seat cushion, must be careful to feel, feel with your hands, smell with your nose, there is no odor and hair loss phenomenon. Use should also draw attention, especially smoking car owners, try not to smoke in the car, because this kind of woolen fabric is easy to catch fire. Car seat cushion according to the cover part can be divided into three sets, five sets, eight sets, nine sets of four.

Three sets refers to the two front seat cushion plus the seat cushion behind the long row of seats. Five-piece set in the three-piece set on the basis of the two front seat backrest. Eight-piece set in the five-piece set on top of the backrest of the rear seats. Nine pieces set refers to the front two pieces, two pieces of backrest, one long seat cushion, two headrests, two lumbar pillows! Of course the more pieces, the more expensive.

Car seat cushion material, the market has a leather, nylon, chemical fiber, artificial wool, wool and other different materials for the car seat cushion, wool seat cushion is one of the choices of winter car interior. But more car owners will buy four-season universal seat cushion, which is also a way to save money.

Winter: wool car seat cushion, fur car seat cushion, down cushion, down cotton cushion, imitation wool cushion.

Summer: silk car seat cushion, sub-silk car seat cushion, snow Fei silk car seat cushion and other hand-woven sub and cowhide car seat cushion.

Four seasons: health airbag cushion, health cushion, cloth seat cushion and magnetic therapy cushion containing magnets.