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Basic process equipment for high-quality automobile sheet metal parts
2023-01-11 17:12:20

Precision sheet metal process design mainly includes two aspects: process analysis of punching parts and determination of punching process plan. Good manufacturability and reasonable process plan can stably obtain high-quality crystals that meet the requirements with a small material consumption, a small number of processes and man-hours, and make the mold structure simple and the mold life long, thus reducing labor and blanking cost.

Automotive Stampings

The manufacturability of blanking parts refers to the adaptability of blanking parts to the stamping process. In general, the structural shape, precision requirements, shape and position tolerances and technical requirements of the workpiece have a greater impact on the precision sheet metal processability. Whether the manufacturability of blanking parts is reasonable or not will affect the quality of punching parts, die life, material consumption, precision sheet metal productivity, etc., and the design should improve its manufacturability as much as possible.

Structural process of punching parts The shape of punching parts should be as simple as possible, symmetrical, and avoid complex shape curves. If permitted, design the punching parts into a shape with less waste and no waste to reduce waste. The two ends of the rectangular hole should be connected by arcs to facilitate mold processing. At the junction of each straight line or curve of the blanking parts, sharp corners should be avoided as far as possible, and sharp corners are strictly prohibited. Except when there is little or no waste material layout or the mosaic mold structure is used, there should be appropriate rounded corners connected to facilitate mold manufacturing and improve mold life.

Precision automotive sheet metal parts are the basic technological equipment for sheet metal processing. The surface quality, precision sheet metal dimensional accuracy, productivity, and economic benefits of sheet metal stamping parts all depend on the reasonable design and manufacture of die structure. Therefore, at present, the design and manufacture of dies are developing in the following three directions.

When removing welding slag, it is strictly forbidden to look directly with the naked eye, and the eyes should be properly shielded and protected. No naked eye welding is allowed at any time. Keep the workplace ventilated, and when welding in a closed environment or in a sealed container, corresponding air supply measures must be taken, and a special person is responsible for monitoring.

The welding of the pressure vessel of the dangerous goods transport vehicle must be approved by fire, and the storage tank should be cleaned and replaced according to the requirements, and the operation can only be carried out under the supervision of a special person after inspection and confirmation. Clean up the work site at any time, place workpieces regularly, and pile up welding slag in a safe place to prevent burns and fire hazards.