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Automobile sheet metal materials must have good process performance
2023-02-02 16:10:26

In modern life, automobiles are not only one of the important means of transportation in industry, agriculture and even all walks of life, but also one of the important activities in human daily life. During use, cars often work in extremely harsh environments, with heavy loads, high speeds, high vibrations, high dust, and often exposed to the sun and rain, and the working temperature is very different. Therefore, the sheet metal parts of the car, especially the sheet metal Gold covering parts put forward stricter requirements.

汽车钣金件Automobile sheet metal parts

1. good mechanical properties

Since the car is often in a state of high speed, heavy load, and frequent vibration during work, the sheet metal parts of the car must have sufficient strength, suitable hardness, good toughness and good fatigue resistance to ensure the normal operation of the car. No deformation, no damage, to meet the needs of transportation.

2. good process performance

In automobile manufacturing and repair, the shape of many sheet metal structural parts is very complicated. In order to avoid the difficulty of sheet metal work, the materials of automobile sheet metal parts must have good process performance, namely:

(1) Sheet metal materials must have good pressure processing performance to ensure the smooth forming of sheet metal workpieces, that is, have good plasticity. It must have the ability to produce permanent deformation under the action of external force without being damaged. For cold work parts, it must have good cold plasticity, such as stamping parts of automobile parts; for hot work parts, it must have good thermoplasticity, such as hot forging spring steel plates, hot rivets, etc.

(2) Good weldability. Many automobile sheet metal parts are welded together by spot welding, oxygen welding, arc welding or gas shielded welding, so the sheet metal parts must have good welding performance. This is especially important in car repair and maintenance, because materials with good weldability have high welding strength and low cracking tendency.

3. good chemical stability

Most of the automotive panels work in the open air, often in contact with water and steam, especially like mufflers, which often work at higher temperatures and corrosive gases. This requires that sheet metal parts must have good chemical stability, which requires corrosion resistance and strong rust resistance at room temperature, and requires no corrosion or deformation under high temperature or sun exposure.

4. Good dimensional accuracy and intrinsic quality of the sheet

The dimensional accuracy and intrinsic quality of the sheet metal affect sheet metal processing. The impact is great, especially for molded parts. The specific requirements are:

(1) The plate has high dimensional accuracy, uniform thickness and no deformation.

(2) The surface is smooth and smooth, without bubbles, shrinkage cavities, scratches, cracks and other defects.

(3) There is no serious corrosion and oxide skin and other attachments.

(4) The structure is uniform, and there is no obvious difference in crystal structure and hardness.

5. Inexpensive, economical and practical

For any component of the car, economical efficiency should be considered under the condition of meeting the working conditions. Where ferrous metals can be used, non-ferrous metals are not used; where non-ferrous metals can be used, precious metals are never used. The life of automobile sheet metal components should be compatible with the life of other automobile components.