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What should be paid attention to in the process of cleaning auto parts?
2020-12-08 09:56:53

Due to the limitation of price, brand positioning and other reasons, it is impossible to use good sheet metal materials for automobile materials. This leads to the hardware of rust. At the same time, whether the automobile manufacturers cut corners or not will make the performance of automobile materials vary greatly. We know that automobile steel plates can have many kinds of antirust treatment, such as zinc plating and chromium plating. Automobile manufacturers need to save the cost Some processes, which is why the exhaust pipes of some cars are rotten in a few years; in addition, there are some technological gaps, such as coating process, welding process, etc., which will make the rust degree appear "congenital" difference.

Auto parts

Rust slowly in water or humid environment for a long time. When the vehicle is parked in a humid environment, over time, there will be many places to produce rust, light will affect performance, heavy will lead to rust rot.

The reason for the design of the vehicle itself: the complete structural design is not considered in the design, and there are sharp or dead corners in the sheet metal parts, which leads to the insufficient electrophoresis of the automobile body, or the process design is not fully considered, so that the sheet metal is not fully and comprehensively processed in the process of electrophoresis and wax injection.

If you don't clean it often, it will rust if you don't wash it for a long time. When dust covers the car, and leaves are also covered on the car, and then after the rain wash, and for a long time, then the car paint is bound to appear oxidation corrosion. On the contrary, washing the car too often is not very good for the car. Frequent car washing will accelerate the oxidation of the paint surface.

In this process, attention should be paid to the following aspects: when using the sample drawing, the unfolding method should be convenient for saving materials and processing timeliness; for pressing riveting, budding, punching convex points (package) and other positions and directions should be marked in the section view to facilitate processing and more intuitive understanding; the parameters such as plate thickness, material and plate thickness tolerance should be checked, and the key points should be indicated to prompt the error prone places; the part of drawings should be enlarged for the places with more sizes and more complex; and the products that need to be baked or protected should also be prompted. In short, in the process of sheet metal processing must be strictly in accordance with the processing procedures to complete.