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What are auto sheet metal repairmen now?
2021-08-20 17:38:17

The structure of the blanking part is technological. The shape of the blanking part shall be as simple as possible, symmetrical and avoid the curve of complex shape. If permitted, the blanking part shall be designed into the shape of less and no waste layout to reduce waste. Both ends of the rectangular hole should be connected by circular arc to facilitate die processing. Sharp corners shall be avoided at the connection of straight lines or curves of blanking parts, and sharp corners are strictly prohibited. In addition to less or no waste layout or the use of inlaid die structure, there should be appropriate rounded corners to facilitate die manufacturing and improve die life.

Automotive sheet metal parts

Auto sheet metal repair workers are now roughly divided into: auto repair machine electricians, who provide all kinds of maintenance and repair work at all levels for vehicle engine, gearbox and body electrical system. Automobile maintenance sheet metal workers provide effective and reliable repair work for body collision damage. Automobile maintenance painters provide paint treatment for the inside and outside of the vehicle body. The work of auto maintenance sheet metal workers has been widely concerned by the management departments of the auto repair industry, all kinds of auto repair enterprises and car owners. Paying attention to body repair is actually a concrete manifestation of cherishing life and safe travel.

Traditionally, automobile maintenance sheet metal workers and cold working sheet metal workers (white iron workers) are collectively referred to as sheet metal workers. Some structural forming characteristics of steel plate are used to process some daily life appliances, such as pots, barrels, pots, etc., the air supply and exhaust structure in the central air conditioning system in modern large buildings, and the air supply and dust exhaust pipes in the dust removal system are made of cold working sheet metal.

Depending on the structural point of the building, these air supply pipes will have a large number of cylindrical pipes, straight elbows, large and small connectors, square and round places, round places and so on. The fabrication of these components requires setting out, sample preparation, blanking, bending, edge setting, edge closing, edge pulling, crimping, transverse bending, seam biting and reinforcement according to the requirements. A lot of work will be completed by special machinery. Such as mechanical bending, calendering, drop forming, etc.