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Vehicle manufacturers put forward higher and higher requirements for auto parts
2020-11-03 16:49:44

With the improvement of automobile safety, comfort and environmental protection requirements, intelligent automobile has become the general trend of the development of the automobile industry. How to improve the safety and comfort of the automobile through electronic technology has also become the hot spot of the whole industry. According to the prediction of the industry research institute, with the maturity of 4G / LTE and cloud technology, the global automotive electronics industry will break out this year, with an annual increase of 7% to 205 billion US dollars, which will maintain an average growth rate of 8.5% until 2020. At present, most of the core technologies of automotive electronics are in the hands of international component giants. Automotive electronics has become a weak link in China's automobile industry. Due to the difficulty in development and high requirements for product quality stability, most of the domestic market is occupied by foreign investors. Independent brands only occupy a place in the low-end markets such as vehicle navigation and video broadcasting.

Auto parts

The whole zero relationship of global automobile industry can be divided into three categories: one is the parallel development model represented by Europe and the United States. In addition to independent vehicle enterprises, parts enterprises compete freely; second, the tower model represented by Japan and South Korea, in which the vehicle and parts enterprises are the community of interests, and there will be a strong capital cooperation relationship; third, the early planned economy mode of FAW and Dongfeng companies in China, that is, parts are attached to vehicle enterprises, and there are still some enterprises in China now It's this model. However, the integer zero relation is not constant. At present, European and American enterprises also pay special attention to the cooperative relationship between vehicle and parts; among Japanese and Korean automobile enterprises, there is also a tendency to purchase parts globally.

At present, the automobile manufacturers put forward higher and higher requirements for auto parts. In the future, the parts enterprises required by the automobile manufacturers are not the traditional pure parts suppliers, but the suppliers who can provide system solutions for the vehicle manufacturers. In particular, they have very high requirements for the integration ability and innovation ability of the supplier system, which requires the parts enterprises to develop in advanced technology In the early stage of development, we cooperated very closely with the whole vehicle factory and supported each other in business development. In terms of long-term strategy, the relationship between them is to create a harmonious development environment and broad space for the whole enterprise.

With the gradual maturity of the domestic automobile market, the requirements of car buyers on product quality are also improved. The requirements of main engine plant on the technical strength and production management ability of parts suppliers are more strict. The implementation of automobile "Three Guarantees" policy makes the main engine plant and parts suppliers bear more risks after the product quality problems. Those parts companies with stronger R & D capability and higher management level will stand out in the competition. Although the overall competitive strength of the domestic auto parts industry still lags behind that of the international giants, in some minor industries, domestic parts companies have made breakthroughs, and a broader global parts supply market has been opened.