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There are three steps in painting car sheet metal parts
2021-03-05 14:17:20

There are usually three steps for car body and spray painting

First primer: it can fill the sand mark and micropore of the bottom layer of the workpiece, increase the adhesion of the lower layer coating, and also have the function of defect indication.

(2) intermediate coat primer: This is a very important part of the coating, preparing a complete and smooth working surface for the top coat, completing a process of all primer work, increasing the adhesion of the intervention layer and having a certain isolation function, so as to ensure the quality stability of the top coat.

Topcoat: the topcoat is divided into single layer and multi-layer paint, which is the color determining layer and decorative protective layer. Single layer paint is commonly known as plain paint, also known as ordinary paint, which can be completed in one layer. The multi-layer paint is divided into silver powder series paint and Pearl series paint. The paint is divided into double-layer and multi-layer construction processes. Silver powder paint is developed from special aluminum material, which has high protection, outdoor stability and strong observability.

Automobile sheet metal parts

Therefore, no matter in the surface decoration or bottom layer protection, the body after sheet metal technology also has a beautiful appearance, bright as a mirror or smooth surface, no fine impurities, scratches, cracks, wrinkles, blisters and visible defects, and has enough mechanical strength. The bottom coating is an excellent protective layer with excellent antirust and corrosion resistance and strong adhesion.

Electric vehicle sheet metal is a kind of processing method for electric vehicle maintenance, also known as cold working. If the appearance of the body is damaged or deformed, sheet metal is needed. Automobile sheet metal is a technical means of automobile repair. In this aspect, electric vehicle sheet metal is equal to electric vehicle sheet metal repair, which refers to the repair of the body after the collision of electric vehicles, that is, all the work except the anti-corrosion and decorative painting of the electric vehicle body.