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The products processed by automobile stamping parts are more convenient to install
2021-09-17 16:00:29

Forging is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of auto parts. Forging is divided into free forging and solid model forging. Free forging is a processing method in which a metal blank is placed on an anvil to bear impact or pressure (it is called "forging" in the market). The blanks of automobile gears and shafts are processed by free forging. Solid model forging of automobile parts processing is a processing method in which the metal blank is placed in the die bore of the forging die and formed under impact or pressure. Solid model forging is a bit like the process in which dough is pressed into the shape of biscuits in the mold. Compared with free forging, the shape of steel parts manufactured by die forging is more complex and the overall dimension is more accurate. Typical examples of die forgings for automobile parts processing are: engine connecting rod and crankshaft, automobile front axle, steering knuckle, etc.

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What are the characteristics of automobile stamping parts processing:

The parts obtained by different production processes have their own characteristics, and each production mode also has its own advantages. Nowadays, people still have a large demand for the parts processed by stamping parts, because now many people will choose the stamping method to get the products they need. Then, for the characteristics of stamping parts processing, Many people don't know very well. What are the benefits of parts produced by this process?

Firstly, the rigidity of the parts produced by stamping parts is relatively good. When we produce parts, we use high-quality steel for production. The thickness of the steel is different. Through the required pressure, we use the punch of corresponding tonnage for stamping. The rigidity of the parts produced is much stronger than that of other production processes, And in the whole stamping process, the internal structure of the parts is continuously improved, so the overall strength has been greatly improved.

Secondly, the products processed by stamping parts are easy to install. During production, we will punch according to the drawings provided by you. There will be no redundant parts. It is a major advantage of stamping to produce what parts we need. Therefore, it is very convenient for us to install in the later stage.