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The product design of automobile stamping parts needs to meet the use requirements
2021-10-22 16:14:01

In order to prolong the service life of the workpiece and avoid corrosion and rust during the processing of automobile stamping parts, the corresponding anti-corrosion treatment is generally done. The common anti-corrosion treatment methods are as follows:

For asphalt paint coating, preheating the workpiece before painting can improve the adhesion of asphalt paint and accelerate drying.

Cement mortar lining with special coating can improve the corrosion resistance of workpiece lining.

Automobile stamping parts

Epoxy coal tar pitch coating is a two-component coating with high adhesion and very smooth surface. Epoxy ceramic lining has certain limitations in use because of its difficult manufacturing process and high cost. It has high adhesion and finish. It is an excellent anti-corrosion coating for stamping parts.

1、 The design of automobile stamping parts needs to meet the requirements of use and technical performance and facilitate the assembly of dies.

2、 The design of automobile stamping parts must adopt the scheme of improving material utilization and reducing material loss, so as to make the stamping parts Zero Waste or less waste as far as possible.

3、 The design must meet the purpose of simple shape, reasonable structure, simple and practical process, and avoid using other processing methods, which is conducive to stamping; The advantage is to adopt automatic stamping to improve production efficiency.

4、 When producing automobile stamping parts, the existing equipment and process flow shall be used as much as possible to prolong the service life of stamping die.