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The principle of making general process route for automobile stamping parts
2021-04-02 15:25:10

If there is a problem in the programming procedure of automobile sheet metal parts, it will cause irreparable loss. Because the function of the special-shaped part of this kind of door plate is to install the door suction, the following processing schemes are usually adopted when mass production of such door panels: cutting machine cutting (three door suction pieces and other blanking) → punching internal holes of punch → angle cutting → folding machine folding test → welding four corners and three door suction pieces. The improvement of the scheme not only saves the cost of raw materials and equipment maintenance, but also greatly reduces the error rate of programming.

Automobile sheet metal parts

The processing technology of sheet metal automobile parts is a more complex problem. This paper simply expounds the basic principles of process setting of general sheet metal parts, in order to find out the basic method of process setting. In short, as an engineer, we should establish the concept of cost, integrate cost into the process, and look at the process of process setting from the overall perspective.

The process route must be formulated in combination with the shape of the product and the existing processing equipment of the company, and the goal of realizing the economic benefit is to meet the quality requirements of the products. The following principles can be followed for the formulation of general process route of automobile stamping parts: 1) meeting the product quality requirements, (2) the product process route is economical, and (3) providing optimization for the subsequent processes, and (4) convenient processing. The emphasis of the quality of the process personnel comes from the grasp of the functional and appearance of the product structure and the proficiency of the equipment processing ability. Considering the cumulative error matching relationship of the whole machine, optimizing the processing method of the product to reduce the difficulty of processing and setting a relatively stable process route in batch production are three directions to be considered in the process preparation.

The optimization of processing method is to adjust the processing sequence or improve the process. It is analyzed and explained by a simple example. For example, for a door panel expansion drawing, the quality and time of the door panel can be considered when processing single piece. The general process plan is: cutting machine cutting → punching shape and inner hole → bending of folding machine → welding four corners. This kind of technology scheme saves time and effort, but if the mass production will aggravate the damage to the punch tool, the maintenance cost of the machine tool will be greatly increased.