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The design of automobile stamping parts has become an important part in the process of product development
2021-11-12 17:14:41

With the wide application of sheet metal automotive stamping parts, the design of sheet metal process has become a very important part in the process of product development. Designers should master the process characteristics of sheet metal. On the one hand, sheet metal can meet the requirements of product function and appearance; On the other hand, it can optimize the design of sheet metal stamping parts to achieve low production cost and high production efficiency.

Automobile stamping parts

1 blanking link: firstly, the shape of the blanking sheet metal parts shall be controlled. In the corner area of the outer and inner holes of the blanking, an arc shall be set to excessive the corner, so as to avoid sharp angle and reduce the problem of mold cracking caused by improper subsequent heat treatment, which will affect the subsequent sheet metal construction; Then, the punching and its small value should be optimized.

2. Bending link: select different parts and set sizes according to the actual design requirements, and determine the actual operation of bending according to the thickness of sheet metal raw materials. According to the actual bending experience, local abnormal deformation is easy to occur in the bending link, which will affect the appearance quality and practical application of sheet metal stamping parts. Therefore, in the actual operation link, if you want to optimize the process for the bending link, the operator should cut in advance according to the actual situation, so as to avoid the problem of subsequent deformation.

3. Press riveting link: firstly, in the actual press riveting link, different specifications of molds can be selected according to the height of different pressed bolts, and the pressure release of the press riveting device can be adjusted to ensure the pressing quality of nuts and avoid the problem of waste parts. Secondly, the appropriate sheet metal size can be selected in the setting link of the press riveting structure, so as to ensure the press riveting results and avoid the disengagement of the press link of sheet metal stamping parts.

4. Welding link: in the actual welding link, different welding methods shall be selected according to the properties of different sheet metal parts, so as to reduce welding deformation to a great extent and improve the actual efficiency of welding. For example, in the actual welding link, first of all, sufficient welding control shall be determined. Secondly, the length of the welding part shall be controlled more accurately to avoid sheet metal deformation and optimize the load of the welding point at the same time. For sheet metal parts processed by welding, welding and grinding are very troublesome, the processing efficiency is relatively low, and the appearance quality can not be guaranteed. Therefore, the welding surface can be reduced by optimizing the design, making the parts more beautiful and improving the surface quality without reducing the design strength.

Compared with the parts before and after optimization, the parts processed by thin plate bending can also meet the needs of products, but the design of sheet metal stamping parts is quite ingenious, with high surface quality and beautiful appearance, which reduces the processing volume, shortens the processing cycle and greatly reduces the processing cost.