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The automobile sheet metal parts shall be stored in the warehouse or covered dry site
2020-11-17 09:12:37

All automobile sheet metal parts shall be stored in the warehouse or covered dry site without harmful gas erosion and influence, and shall be well ventilated, and shall not be stored together with chemicals and acid-base materials.

Automobile sheet metal parts

The storage warehouse should be kept at the relative humidity of no more than 75% and the temperature in the range of 20 ~ 30 ℃. For rubber products, especially for human rubber, they should be stored in a special warehouse that can keep the ambient temperature no more than 25 degrees to ensure safety.

For the storage of storage battery, more attention should be paid to the sealing of the filling electrolyte plug to prevent the invasion of moist air. As for the storage period of 6 months, the storage period should be strictly controlled.

For accessories such as cork paper, felt oil seal and velvet or tweed door and window fillers with a storage period of more than half a year, in addition to keeping the storage site dry, camphor pills should be placed in the packing box of felt oil seal or flume to prevent mildew and insect damage.

For electrical accessories, rubber products accessories and glass products accessories, due to the small weight of these accessories, they belong to light throwing materials and can not be collided and pressed heavily. Otherwise, the working performance of these accessories will be inaccurate, deformed or broken. Therefore, special warehouse should be set up for storage, and the safety of accessories should be paid attention to when stacking.

If the storage life of the engine assembly is more than half a year, it must be maintained. One way is to remove the spark plug (gasoline engine) or fuel injector (diesel engine) from the cylinder head, and inject a little vehicle oil into the screw hole to keep the friction pair parts in the cylinder with good lubricating oil film and prevent long-term lack of oil and rust. If it is more than one year, in addition to the above maintenance, the engine oil should be added into the cylinder, and the starter should be started by the battery to drive the crankshaft to rotate for several seconds, so that the lubricating oil film can be coated more thoroughly and evenly on the cylinder wall of piston stroke, and then the spark plug or fuel injector can be screwed on.