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Precautions for sheet metal workers in automobile sheet metal parts maintenance
2021-12-17 16:24:07

The work of automobile maintenance sheet metal workers has high technical content and strong process requirements. At present, almost all automobile maintenance enterprises at home and abroad are irregularly and irregularly training the front-line sheet metal workers in theory and practice, so as to enrich their technical connotation and make them proficient in modern new automobile body structure, body materials and new repair process of body collision damage, Proficient in using all kinds of sheet metal equipment and tools at home and abroad. The body repair technology is constantly updated, and the majority of sheet metal maintenance personnel are also using various ways to receive learning and training. Similar articles on body repair in various auto repair magazines are also emerging one after another. Famous experts and experts are silent, which also provides a large number of operable technologies and guidance for the majority of auto repairmen.

Automobile stamping parts

Traditionally, automobile maintenance sheet metal workers and cold working sheet metal workers (white iron workers) are collectively referred to as sheet metal workers. They use some structural forming characteristics of steel plates to process some daily life appliances, such as pots, barrels, pots, etc., the air supply and exhaust structure in the central air conditioning system in modern large buildings, and the air supply and dust exhaust pipes in the dust removal system are all made by cold working sheet metal workers.

Depending on the structural point of the building, these air supply pipes will have a large number of cylindrical pipes, straight elbows, large and small connectors, square and round places, round places and so on. The fabrication of these components requires setting out, sample preparation, blanking, bending, edge setting, edge closing, edge pulling, crimping, transverse bending, seam biting and reinforcement according to the requirements. A lot of work will be completed by special machinery. Such as mechanical bending, calendering, drop forming, etc.

Now new cars are made of high-strength steel materials, and most of the body structures adopt "3H" structure. If the "3H" structure is not effectively restored, it will bring greater potential safety hazards to the repaired vehicle. The body safety is active safety. During driving, the driver and passenger tie up the safety belt is passive safety. First, the safety belt worn by the driver and passengers and the airbag installed on the vehicle can work effectively, so as to ensure effective safety protection in case of unfortunate collision.