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Pay attention to the direction of auto sheet metal parts during riveting
2021-01-19 16:27:59

The metal plate processing is sheet metal processing, such as the use of sheet metal can be processed into what we know chimney, bucket, oil pot and other products of different shapes. Sheet metal processing is more and more favored by users, it will be before we use plastic shell, after sheet metal processing method of special technology, can evolve into sheet metal production, so that the processed product is better than the previous strength, and use for a long time.

Automobile sheet metal parts

Automobile sheet metal parts processing methods are: non mold processing and mold processing.

Sheet metal processing steps:

1. According to the requirements, the design department designs the spare parts pictures of sheet metal processing, and displays them one by one in the form of 3D, which is convenient for the processing department to process, and fully shows the specific structure of sheet metal parts.

2. There are good ways to process the pictures of spare parts, which can be divided into: shearer cutting, punch cutting, CNC cutting, etc;

3. Pay attention to the direction when pressing and riveting. The sheet metal can be pressed and riveted by punch or hydraulic riveting machine.

4. The welding should be firm. When welding, a bump should be made on the welding surface so that it can contact the surface of the flat plate. When welding, the welding time, pressure and other factors should be ensured.

5. Sheet metal forming processing: it is mainly to bend and stretch the sheet metal. The processing sequence of bending is mainly from inside to outside, from small to large, first folding special cases and then folding general shapes.

6. Surface treatment: according to the customer's requirements, a protective film is plated on the sheet metal surface to increase the adhesion of baking paint Through the automatic operation of the laser cutting machine, the sheet metal processing technology is further changed, and the unmanned operation is realized, which not only saves the labor cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and the production quantity, and plays a significant role in the future development of sheet metal.