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Painting of automobile sheet metal parts is an operation with professional skills
2021-07-09 17:18:12

Sheet metal and spray painting must have a very professional sheet metal technician and spray painting technician to complete. First of all, sheet metal spray is a collection of two concepts. Sheet metal refers to sheet metal and spray refers to painting. Sheet metal is to repair and correct the deformed parts of car body. This is the premise of paint repair. A good sheet metal technician will rely on years of experience and skilled techniques to restore the deformation of the car body as before, and then spray paint, the effect is good.

Automobile sheet metal parts

Bad sheet metal technician can not complete fine deformation correction, can only rely on putty scraping, so that spray paint, hardness is not uniform, quality can not be guaranteed. Spray paint technician is not covered, first of all, the paint color should ensure that there is no color difference with the original car paint, secondly, the spraying should be uniform, no paint liquid accumulation, etc.

For the choice of car paint, consumers often have two weaknesses at this level: first, they can't understand the brand of car paint; second, they don't know what paint the paint service provider has used for them. As for the brand and characteristics of car paint, you can search more relevant content to understand. As for whether the service provider honestly uses the promised brand, it depends on consumers to consult more. And if you choose a poor quality car paint, no doubt durability and spraying effect will be discounted.

Painting of auto sheet metal parts is an operation with professional skills. During the operation, we need to pay attention to whether the paint is uniform, whether the paint surface is smooth, and whether the color of the paint is consistent with that of the car body. Therefore, when our car needs painting after bumping, we need to know some matters needing attention, so as to avoid being pitted during service, So what should we pay attention to?