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Manufacturing technology level and quality of automotive stamping parts
2021-08-13 16:51:51

In the progressive die, the shape of the stamping part is formed by punching the residual material around the stamping part. The main reason for turning and twisting of stamping parts is the influence of blanking force. During blanking, due to the existence of blanking gap, the material is stretched on one side of the female die and compressed on the side close to the male die. When the unloading plate is used, the unloading plate is used to compress the material to prevent the material on the die side from warping upward. At this time, the stress condition of the material changes accordingly. With the increase of the pressing force of the discharge plate, the material near the punch side is stretched and the material on the die surface is compressed. The turnover of stamping parts is caused by the material on the die surface being stretched. Therefore, during blanking, pressing and compressing the material is the key to prevent the blanking parts from turning and twisting.

Automobile stamping parts

The structural shape and size of stamping parts of automobile body determine that its process is complex. It is impossible to process them directly in one process, and at least three processing processes are required. However, the spatial surface shape of automobile body stamping parts and the bosses, ribs and edges on the surface should be formed by one-time drawing as far as possible, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the surface smoothness and geometric consistency of automobile body stamping parts.

Automobile stamping technology is developing towards the production direction of precision, multi-function, high efficiency, energy saving, safety and cleaning. The manufacturing process level and quality of stamping workpiece have a direct impact on automobile manufacturing quality and cost to a great extent.

The shape of automotive body stamping parts is mostly three-dimensional shape. It is difficult to accurately make its size and shape in automotive body stamping parts, so the overall size of automotive body stamping parts is generally determined with the help of the main model. The position, shape and size of various holes and the shape of three-dimensional curved surface must be consistent with the main model, and the dimensions of stamping parts of automobile body that cannot be marked must be measured through the main model. Because the shape is very complex, the rebound of materials is difficult to control, which increases the difficulty of controlling the accuracy of product shape and dimension.