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Is there a four-step stamping process for automotive stamping parts?
2021-12-03 17:10:06

If you carefully observe the produced automobile stamping parts, you will find that there are concave convex on the product surface, which affects the quality of the whole workpiece. To improve this situation, we must first find the root of the problem before we can formulate relevant solutions. Stamping manufacturers have also realized the seriousness of this problem, so they have begun to improve.

Automobile stamping parts

Automobile sheet metal is one of the main components of automobile. The whole body in white is assembled by 400 ~ 500 stamping parts. Sheet metal parts not only play a role in protection and beauty, but also the main carrier for automobile to bear gas resistance. The quality and service life of sheet metal parts not only affect the appearance of the car, but also increase the air resistance to the car due to quality and deformation, so as to reduce the quality and performance of the whole car. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the quality of stamping parts. How to ensure the quality of stamping parts, we must first understand its common defects and causes. This paper mainly introduces the common defects and causes of three kinds of stamping parts.

For automotive stamping parts, because they are website products and keywords, the learning requirements should be comprehensive and specific. Therefore, the knowledge content and related difficult problems should be involved, and none of them can be omitted. Then, based on this, we will start immediately to improve everyone's learning efficiency.

1. What is the flush in the gauge measurement when testing automotive stamping parts? In addition, which parts of the car should have a four-step stamping process?

For the inspection of automobile stamping parts, the professional explanation of English flush in the inspection tool measurement is flush inspection. In automobile parts, the four-step stamping process is for some large panels, and they also belong to automobile stamping parts.

2. Is there any difference between stamping die in automobile stamping parts and metal stamping die?

If the stamping die in automobile stamping parts is compared with the metal stamping die, the two are different, because for the former, there are many technical requirements for side a, while for the latter, there are no requirements in this regard. Therefore, this conclusion can be drawn. Therefore, the difference between the two is mainly in the technical requirements.

3. What are the specific requirements for automotive stamping parts in terms of raw materials?

The specific requirements for raw materials of automotive stamping parts are as follows:

The raw materials of stamping parts shall have quality certificates, and they shall meet the relevant technical requirements, otherwise, they cannot be used. In addition, some corresponding analysis or test can be carried out to check the material performance and whether there are defects, so as to judge whether it is available. In addition, if necessary, re inspection of raw materials can be carried out to ensure that there is no mistake.