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  • What are the common damage repair methods for automobile sheet metal parts?

    2021-01-12 16:02:31
    In the process of vehicle use, the sheet metal parts of automobile body will be damaged. Common are: wear, corrosion, fracture, concave convex or tearing of metal plate surface, fold, bending and distortion, etc.
  • Numerical control technology has been widely used in automobile sheet metal parts bed

    2021-01-06 16:15:43
    Numerical control technology has been widely used in the automotive sheet metal machine. It solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batch in sheet metal processing. Including CNC cutting machine, CNC welding machine, laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine. Their application in production greatly improves the sheet metal processing capacity, ensures the quality and output value of sheet metal parts, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
  • How to repair the tear of automobile sheet metal parts caused by external force impact and extrusion?

    2020-12-29 14:25:28
    The tearing of automobile sheet metal parts caused by external force impact and extrusion is accompanied by the extension of the sheet metal, or the loss of part of the sheet metal, commonly known as "lack of meat".
  • Automobile stamping parts can choose antirust oil according to three points

    2020-12-22 16:47:36
    What antirust oil is used for automobile stamping parts? To see the specific manufacturers, processing procedures, specific requirements! If the workpiece needs to be rustproof in stamping, it is recommended that you use anti rust stamping oil with anti rust function! If the workpiece needs to be rustproof after stamping, the automobile parts manufacturer suggests to use special anti rust oil at this time. The specific type of antirust oil can be determined according to the actual situation!
  • Automobile stamping parts should have good handicraft and economy

    2020-12-15 10:18:13
    Automobile stamping parts with the die called stamping die. Stamping die is a special tool to process metal or nonmetal materials into stamping parts in batch. Stamping die is very important in stamping. It is difficult to press in batch if there are no stamping dies that meet the requirements; it is impossible to improve the stamping process of the predecessors without improving their stamping dies. Stamping process, die, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping process, and stamping parts can only be obtained by combining them.
  • What should be paid attention to in the process of cleaning auto parts?

    2020-12-08 09:56:53
    Due to the limitation of price, brand positioning and other reasons, it is impossible to use good sheet metal materials for automobile materials. This leads to the hardware of rust. At the same time, whether the automobile manufacturers cut corners or not will make the performance of automobile materials vary greatly. We know that automobile steel plates can have many kinds of antirust treatment, such as zinc plating and chromium plating. Automobile manufacturers need to save the cost Some processes, which is why the exhaust pipes of some cars are rotten in a few years; in addition, there are some technological gaps, such as coating process, welding process, etc., which will make the rust degree appear "congenital" difference.
  • The site of sheet metal spraying is also the key to the effect of sheet metal spraying

    2020-12-01 10:56:34
    The painting process of automobile body parts is an operation with professional skills. In the operation, we need to pay attention to whether the paint is uniform, whether the paint surface is flat, and whether the color of the spray paint is consistent with the color of the car body. Therefore, when our car needs to spray paint after bumping, we should first understand some matters needing attention in the automobile body and paint painting, so as to avoid being pit during the service, So what should be noted?
  • Automotive stamping parts of the quality and reliability of the requirements are very high

    2020-11-24 16:25:26
    There are many kinds of automobile stamping parts, only a small part of them are special-purpose metal stamping parts, and most of the others are standard metal stamping parts. It is precisely because of the high quality and reliability requirements of the automobile, so the automobile stamping parts produced in our country can not all reach the localization level.
  • The automobile sheet metal parts shall be stored in the warehouse or covered dry site

    2020-11-17 09:12:37
    All automobile sheet metal parts shall be stored in the warehouse or covered dry site without harmful gas erosion and influence, and shall be well ventilated, and shall not be stored together with chemicals and acid-base materials.
  • Automobile sheet metal parts is an important subject and development focus of the national economy at this stage

    2020-11-10 16:38:22
    Automobile sheet metal parts processing center is a comprehensive processing technology based on laser processing technology, advanced mechanical processing equipment, integration of automation, intelligence, computer and information management and other related technologies. It is a good combination point and development direction of steel production industry and manufacturing industry, and is an important topic and development focus of national economy at this stage.
  • Vehicle manufacturers put forward higher and higher requirements for auto parts

    2020-11-03 16:49:44
    With the improvement of automobile safety, comfort and environmental protection requirements, intelligent automobile has become the general trend of the development of the automobile industry. How to improve the safety and comfort of the automobile through electronic technology has also become the hot spot of the whole industry. According to the prediction of the industry research institute, with the maturity of 4G / LTE and cloud technology, the global automotive electronics industry will break out this year, with an annual increase of 7% to 205 billion US dollars, which will maintain an average growth rate of 8.5% until 2020. At present, most of the core technologies of automotive electronics are in the hands of international component giants. Automotive electronics has become a weak link in China's automobile industry. Due to the difficulty in development and high requirements for product quality stability, most of the domestic market is occupied by foreign investors. Independent brands only occupy a place in the low-end markets such as vehicle navigation and video broadcasting.
  • What kind of large and medium-sized mechanical equipment must be used in automobile sheet metal processing?

    2020-10-27 16:06:06
    What kind of large and medium-sized mechanical equipment must be used in automobile sheet metal processing? With the following equipment, the foundation can open small and medium-sized sheet metal processing plant.
  • Automotive stamping parts need to meet the requirements of use and technical performance

    2020-10-20 16:51:35
    In the process of producing automobile stamping parts, it is easy to affect the service life of the die due to the raw materials, heat treatment of die materials, structure, use specification and maintenance frequency, thus affecting the quality of stamping products.
  • Auto parts are very important in the whole car

    2020-10-13 16:37:47
    China's auto parts industry started late, and it is difficult to meet the direct matching standards of domestic joint venture vehicle manufacturers in the key automotive parts manufacturing field.
  • Auto parts manufacturers remind us of several points we must pay attention to

    2020-10-06 09:47:01
    It's very important to buy auto parts. Just like we choose the right medicine for ourselves, we can't be careless, otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, automobile parts manufacturers remind us of the following points:
  • The brake pad plays a decisive role in the braking effect,

    2020-09-29 15:33:50
    The brake pad is a key safety part in the brake system of automobile. The brake pad plays a decisive role in all braking effects. The brake pad is generally composed of steel plate, adhesive insulation layer and friction block, and the heat insulation layer is composed of non heat transfer materials for heat insulation. The friction block is composed of friction material and adhesive. When braking, it is squeezed on the brake disc or brake drum to produce friction, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and braking.
  • How do we maintain our auto sheet metal parts in our daily life?

    2020-09-22 16:13:29
    Car maintenance and car repair are closely related. There is maintenance in repair and repair in maintenance. In the process of vehicle maintenance, it may be found that a certain part or part is about to break out or damage, so we can take advantage of the maintenance opportunity to repair it. In the process of repairing, it is natural to maintain some parts that are not damaged. So, how do we maintain our cars in our daily life?
  • What are the possible reasons for the brake not returning to its original position caused by automobile stamping parts?

    2020-09-15 16:03:38
    There is no need to say much about the cracking of automobile stamping parts. It is obvious that necking is difficult to detect. First of all, understand the mechanism of material deformation. The process of material tensile plastic deformation is mainly composed of three stages: uniform elongation stage, local elongation stage and cracking stage. Uniform elongation stage is the ideal stage, with material length direction, uniform thinning in thickness direction and surface The quality of the material is good, smooth, and the original roughness of the material has no obvious change, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. In the local elongation stage, the material is basically close to the elongation limit, and the purpose of elongation is mainly achieved through local severe and rapid deformation.
  • The application of load-carrying body of automobile sheet metal parts has been gradually popularized

    2020-09-08 10:17:49
    It is also one of the commonly used methods of concave shaping to pull out the concave by using a pulling device. The pulling device includes a suction cup, a pulling cylinder and a special puller. There is a suction cup at the end of the pneumatic concave puller to produce vacuum, and the force exerted by the inertia hammer will pull the metal depression back to the original shape. The screw at one end of the pull rod puller is screwed into the hole drilled in advance at the concave part. Holding the handle direction with one hand, the depression can be eliminated by pulling repeatedly, and then the through-hole is blocked with packing. In order to avoid the inconvenience caused by drilling, the pin can also be used to replace the screw in the concave spot welding, and then the tool is used to cut the solder joint after pulling out, so as to maintain the integrity of the metal surface.
  • In the automobile sheet metal parts processing industry, the use of lubricating oil is very important

    2020-09-01 09:59:35
    In the automobile sheet metal parts processing industry, the use of lubricating oil is very important, because the proper lubrication of the machine can make it use for a longer time. During the production period, lubricating oil can help better production. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the use method and lubrication method of lubricating oil, because improper use will not play a role and may have the opposite effect Let's give you the following three examples of lubricating oil.
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