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How to prolong the service life and avoid corrosion and rust of automobile stamping parts
2021-02-20 13:51:25

In order to prolong the service life of stamping parts and avoid corrosion and rusting, the corresponding anti-corrosion treatment is generally done

Preheating the workpiece before spraying can improve the adhesion of asphalt paint and accelerate the drying.

Cement mortar lining with special coating can improve the anti-corrosion ability of workpiece lining.

Coal tar epoxy coating is a two-component coating, which has high adhesion and very smooth surface.

Due to the difficulty of manufacturing process and high cost, epoxy ceramic lining has certain limitations in use. It has high adhesion and finish, and is an excellent anti-corrosion coating for stamping parts.

Automotive stamping parts

Aluminate cement coating or sulfate cement coating, these two kinds of special cement coating are suitable for high-precision stamping internal corrosion, improve the ability of corrosion resistance.

Polyurethane coating is a new green special coating developed to meet the needs of environmental protection, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Precision automobile stamping die can be classified into three categories as follows: Engineering die: also known as "single process Die", which refers to the die that can only complete one stamping process in a stamping stroke. After the completion of this project, the product needs to be taken out from the mold manually or with a manipulator, and then put into the mold of the next station to continue production, until the next process of the mold is finished, the whole product is considered to be completed. Mold maintenance is simple, but the production is time-consuming and laborious, it needs more labor and time costs, and the product scrap rate is high.

Compound die: common compound die structures include compound blanking, compound drawing, etc., which are slightly different from other engineering die structures. The punch (also known as male die or punch) is designed in the lower die. The other templates are the lower splint (fixed punch), the lower stop baffle and the lower stripper plate (outer stripper). The upper mold is composed of the mother mold (or knife edge), the inner stripper plate and the upper backing plate in turn. The inner stripper is hung on the upper backing plate with an equal height sleeve, and then supported by a driving rod or spring.

Continuous die: also known as "progressive die", it refers to the die that completes two or more stamping processes at the same time in different positions in the process of a stamping stroke. This kind of die is difficult to maintain and needs experienced fitter to operate, but it has high production efficiency, can save labor and time cost, and has low scrap rate of precision metal stamping parts.