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How to deal with the wear of automobile stamping parts?
2022-01-14 20:45:49

The stamping die of automobile stamping parts is an important process equipment in stamping production for precision stamping parts processing plants. It is a useful way to improve product quality, save original processing and show the skill and economy of molding products. Die durability punch and die after a period of operation, because they often wear and lose the operation size, and can no longer meet the skill conditions of parts, it is determined according to the total number of parts punched by the die. From planning, machining, device and adjustment to device use, a pair of die has many processes, long cycle and high processing cost. Therefore, for the die, in addition to requiring high production efficiency and the punched parts to fully meet the quality requirements and skill conditions, the durability of the die itself is also very important.

Automobile stamping parts

Stamping die is a special process equipment for processing into parts in cold stamping. It is widely used in process production, but it may be worn in the process of use. If the stamping die is found to be worn, how to deal with it?

The advantages and disadvantages of mold working parts and appearance quality are closely related to the wear resistance, anti cracking ability and anti adhesion ability of the mold, which directly affects the service life of the mold in the precision automobile stamping parts processing plant. In particular, the surface roughness value has a great impact on the service life of the die. If the surface roughness value is too large, stress concentration will occur during operation, and simple cracks will occur between its peaks and valleys, which will not only affect the durability of the die, but also affect the corrosion resistance of the surface of the stamping parts, and directly affect the service life and accuracy of the die. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to:

1. Replace the worn stamping die guide assembly and punch in time.

2. Check whether the gap of stamping die is unreasonable (too small), and increase the gap of lower die.

3. Minimize wear and improve smooth conditions, smooth plates and punches. The amount of oil and the number of oil injections depend on the processing conditions. For the treatment of cold-rolled steel plate and corrosion-resistant steel plate without rust and scale, oil shall be injected into the die, and the oil injection points are guide sleeve, oil injection port, lower die, etc. Use light engine oil for oil. For the treatment of rust and scale, during processing, the fine rust powder will be sucked between the punch and the guide sleeve, resulting in dust and scale, so that the punch can not slide freely in the guide sleeve. In this case, if you apply oil, it will make the rust and scale more easily stained. Therefore, during this treatment, on the contrary, wipe the oil clean, divide it once a month, and remove the dust and scale of the punch and lower die with steam (firewood) oil, Wipe clean before reassembly. This will ensure that the mold has excellent smoothness.