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Each production mode of automobile stamping parts has its own advantages
2021-07-30 14:31:01

In order to prolong the service life of the workpiece and avoid corrosion and rust during the processing of automobile stamping parts, each manufacturer of automobile stamping parts will generally do corresponding anti-corrosion treatment. Generally, the common anti-corrosion treatment methods are as follows:

For asphalt paint coating, preheating the workpiece before painting can improve the adhesion of asphalt paint and accelerate drying.

Automobile stamping parts

The parts obtained by different production processes have their own characteristics, and each production mode also has its own advantages. Nowadays, people still have a large demand for the parts processed by stamping parts, because now many people will choose the stamping method to get the products they need. Then, for the characteristics of stamping parts processing, Many people don't know very well. What are the benefits of parts produced by this process?

Firstly, the rigidity of the parts produced by stamping parts is relatively good. When we produce parts, we use high-quality steel for production. The thickness of the steel is different. Through the required pressure, we use the punch of corresponding tonnage for stamping. The rigidity of the parts produced is much stronger than that of other production processes, And in the whole stamping process, the internal structure of the parts is continuously improved, so the overall strength has been greatly improved.

Automobile stamping parts show cracking. Needless to say, it can be clearly seen that necking is difficult to detect. First, understand the mechanism of material deformation. The material tensile plastic deformation process is mainly composed of three stages: uniform elongation stage, local elongation stage and cracking stage. The uniform elongation stage is the ideal stage. At the same time, the material is thinned uniformly in the thickness direction, The surface quality is good, smooth, and the original roughness of the material has no obvious change, which can hardly be detected by the naked eye. In the local elongation stage, the material is basically close to the elongation limit.

Each style has its own advantages