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Die is an indispensable process equipment in the processing of automobile stamping parts
2021-02-26 16:10:59

Mold is an essential process equipment in stamping process, which plays an important role in product quality, product life extension and production efficiency. It is difficult to meet the production demand because the die often loses its working size due to wear in the production process. Therefore, it is very important to improve the durability of the mold.

Automotive stamping parts

Surface treatment of automobile stamping parts refers to the process of forming a covering layer on the surface of the workpiece by some method. The main purpose is to make the workpiece surface beautiful, anti-corrosion effect, surface treatment methods are as follows.

Electroplating: the parts to be electroplated are immersed in an aqueous solution containing the deposited metal compound, and the electroplated metal is precipitated and deposited on the parts through the plating solution with an electric current. General electroplating has zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, copper nickel alloy, etc.

Oxidation treatment: can be divided into chemical oxidation and anodization.

In the field of cars, the stamping parts of cars can be seen everywhere. Among the materials used in medium and heavy-duty cars, in addition to the covering parts or body panels used in these cars, some load-bearing parts or supporting parts use this material. During this period, many people know that the frame, carriage and other large car parts belong to this field.

Other methods of cold stamping can be used to process some materials with hard raw materials. In the meantime, steel plate and steel strip which are often used in the car field can be processed with this kind of equipment. Now in the production of car stamping parts, the use of steel is less and less, on the one hand, because now some aluminum, carbon elements of raw materials have stronger hardness, and the use of this composite material, can effectively reduce the weight of the car itself, on the car in the road less consumption of gasoline and diesel has a very important effect. And after using this new composite material, the car body protection work is also more simple.