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Automotive sheet metal parts must have good process performance requirements
2021-08-27 10:50:37

In automobile manufacturing and maintenance, the shape of many sheet metal structural parts is very complex. In order to avoid the difficulty of sheet metal, sheet metal materials must have good process performance requirements, namely:

1 sheet metal materials must have good plasticity. Have the ability to produce permanent deformation without being damaged under the action of external force. For cold working parts, it is necessary to have good cold plasticity, such as stamping parts of automobile parts; For hot-working parts, they should have good thermoplastic, such as hot forgings, spring steel plates, hot rivets, etc.

Automotive sheet metal parts

2 good weldability. Many automotive sheet metal parts are welded together by spot welding, oxygen welding, arc welding or gas shielded welding, so sheet metal parts must have good welding performance. This is particularly important in automobile repair and maintenance. Materials with good weldability have high welding strength and low cracking tendency.

3 low price, economical and practical. For any component of the vehicle, the economy shall be considered when the working conditions are met. Can use ferrous metals, not non-ferrous metals; If you can use nonferrous metals, never use precious metals. The service life of automobile sheet metal components should adapt to the service life of other automobile components.

With the progress of modern science and technology, manufacturers pay more and more attention to the meticulous processing of sheet metal. Laser cutting technology is one of the ways of sheet metal processing. The sheet metal process using laser cutting can process the metal according to the drawings given by customers, so as to meet the requirements of narrow cutting seam, smooth and beautiful cutting surface, no slag hanging and high precision.

Laser cutting technology is used in the processing of most automobile sheet metal parts. For example, people's daily travel tools and auto parts are inseparable from sheet metal processing, or metal sheets with high precision are required for some large truck parts.