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Automobile stamping parts should have good handicraft and economy
2020-12-15 10:18:13

Automobile stamping parts with the die called stamping die. Stamping die is a special tool to process metal or nonmetal materials into stamping parts in batch. Stamping die is very important in stamping. It is difficult to press in batch if there are no stamping dies that meet the requirements; it is impossible to improve the stamping process of the predecessors without improving their stamping dies. Stamping process, die, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping process, and stamping parts can only be obtained by combining them.

Automotive stamping parts

In the working process of stamping parts, the stamping processability mainly refers to the adaptability of stamping parts to handicrafts, and whether the designed stamping parts meet the technological requirements of stamping processing in size, dimensional accuracy and datum, structural shape, etc. Automobile stamping parts should have good handicrafts and economy. The important marks to measure the level of stamping parts are the number of stamping processes, the number and size of body assembly blocks, and the structure of stamping parts.

To reduce the number of stamping process means to reduce the number of stamping pieces, save the number of tooling, simplify the transmission device of stamping process, reduce the operator and stamping area, which is an excellent measure to save investment and energy consumption. Therefore, stamping manufacturers can take stamping sequence design as an important way to reduce the cost of automobile manufacturing, and even do not hesitate to improve product design Meet the requirements of manufacturing process.

The stamping parts should also adopt reasonable body composition blocks of the largest size as possible, such as the left and right side plates of the whole body and the roof cover plate, so as to make the automobile appearance beautiful. The reduction of air resistance can reduce the number of stamping parts and solder joints, which can effectively reduce the cost. Moreover, modern automobile manufacturing uses a large number of coils, high-strength steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet with thin shell integral body structure, which requires the application of new stamping technology.

The surface polishing of stamping parts is usually used for a long time in daily necessities. For example, we produce a comb, and the comb is made of hardware by stamping. Then the edge of the comb is very sharp. We need to polish the sharp part of the edge into a smooth face.