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Automobile stamping parts should have a good optimization design method
2021-10-12 16:53:53

In the automobile market, we will find that in addition to the automobile related spare parts products, automobile stamping products also exist. The difference is that they are spare parts materials that need to be processed, welded or completed by other processes. Specifically, what do these stamping parts affect the automobile?

Automotive sheet metal parts

According to the understanding of automobile stamping parts, how automobile stamping parts directly affect the effect of automobile spare parts. If they have problems, there are certain problems in spare parts when they are successfully made. If this situation is used in automobile, it will inevitably lead to automobile quality problems, thus affecting the use of automobile.

Fine metal automobile sheet metal processing: with the characteristics of thin, uniform, light and strong, stamping can produce stamping parts with stiffeners, ribs, undulations or flanging that are difficult to be made by other methods, so as to improve its rigidity. Due to the selection of fine die and workpiece, the accuracy can reach the level of 0.01mm, high repetition accuracy and common standards, and can punch holes, sockets, bosses, etc.

Automobile stamping parts should have good optimization design methods, so stamping manufacturers take stamping optimization design as an important way to reduce automobile manufacturing cost, which can make the automobile appearance beautiful. The air resistance is reduced, the number of stamping parts and solder joints can be reduced, and the cost can be effectively reduced.

Empirical methods. This method is mainly based on some empirical calculation formulas, so its application scope is affected. It is mainly applied to developable stamping parts with relatively simple shape (such as rotating parts, bending parts, or stamping parts composed of these simple parts). Generally speaking, the method of expanding the free-form surface of plate parts from experience is a makeshift method. Its accuracy is affected by many factors, such as the richness of user experience, the empirical formula used and the selection of specific process parameters, and its accuracy needs to be further improved.