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Automobile stamping parts can choose antirust oil according to three points
2020-12-22 16:47:36

What antirust oil is used for automobile stamping parts? To see the specific manufacturers, processing procedures, specific requirements! If the workpiece needs to be rustproof in stamping, it is recommended that you use anti rust stamping oil with anti rust function! If the workpiece needs to be rustproof after stamping, the automobile parts manufacturer suggests to use special anti rust oil at this time. The specific type of antirust oil can be determined according to the actual situation!

Automotive stamping parts

The stamping oil or cleaning oil left in the stamping parts after processing will keep the anti rust period of stamping parts for 1-2 months. During this period, stamping parts will be stored and repackaged in the general factory. At the same time, anti rust treatment will be carried out. For example, the anti rust packaging can meet the requirements of anti rust packaging for one year, such as the integral anti rust packaging or stamping packaging of automobile parts.

The selection of antirust oil after stamping can be made according to the following three points:

If your stamping parts are in stock and antirust for more than one year, it is recommended to choose professional oil film antirust oil at this time. Before packing and storage, seal with antirust oil with good antirust effect to avoid rusting.

If the stamping parts need to be exported by sea in the later stage, it is recommended to select some anti rust oil with salt spray resistance, such as anti salt spray anti rust oil

If your stamping parts need volatile oil, thin oil film, antirust time of half a year, you can choose to send antirust oil!

To a certain extent, the quality of car repair affects the actual use of the car, but also related to the safety of drivers and passengers. Therefore, automobile repair plants need to constantly improve their own repair technology, improve the repair standard, so as to ensure the safety of maintenance vehicles.

When the automobile is subjected to strong rib extrusion, the sheet metal parts will wrinkle. If the sheet metal has elongation (elastic deformation), it can be judged as light damage; if plastic deformation occurs, it can be judged as heavy damage. In order to repair the fold damage, it is necessary to apply the force opposite to the impact force on the damaged part, so that the fold can be opened and transformed into concave convex damage, and then the special repair method for concave convex damage is adopted.