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Automobile sheet metal parts is an important subject and development focus of the national economy at this stage
2020-11-10 16:38:22

Automobile sheet metal parts processing center is a comprehensive processing technology based on laser processing technology, advanced mechanical processing equipment, integration of automation, intelligence, computer and information management and other related technologies. It is a good combination point and development direction of steel production industry and manufacturing industry, and is an important topic and development focus of national economy at this stage.

Automobile sheet metal parts

Mechanical manufacturing industry is a classic traditional industry. With the invention of semiconductors, computers and lasers in the last century, it has injected new vitality into the mechanical manufacturing industry, and greatly promoted the development of aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, communication electronics, precision instruments and machine tools. With the development of science and technology, it has promoted the change of production mode and thinking mode. More and more attention has been paid to advanced manufacturing and information industry. The development of science and technology guides the development direction of industry, and the mode of production promotes the production process of material wealth.

Baking the oil bottom with blowtorch in winter will not only make the additives in the engine oil change chemically and lose the original performance, but also make the oil cemented and the oil bottom deformed, which is easy to cause fire. A good way is to select the appropriate oil according to the low air temperature in winter. If possible, park the vehicle in the garage with heat preservation facilities.

Some people like to put the tire pressure higher, think that this can overload and save fuel. This is not true. If the tire pressure is too high, it will reduce the tire contact ground, increase the wear and tear, and it is easy to blow out. If the tire pressure is too high, the adhesion coefficient of the tire will be reduced, the braking effect will be reduced, and the skid measurement will be increased, which will do great harm to the driving safety.