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Automobile sheet metal machining center is guided by laser machining technology
2021-08-06 17:40:45

Automobile sheet metal parts processing center is a comprehensive processing technology guided by laser processing technology, based on advanced machining equipment and integrating automation, intelligence, computer and information management. It is a good combination and development direction of today's steel production industry and manufacturing industry. It is an important subject and development focus faced by the national economy at this stage.

Automotive sheet metal parts

Machinery manufacturing industry is a classic traditional industry. The invention of semiconductors, computers and lasers in the last century not only injected new vitality into the machinery manufacturing industry, but also greatly promoted the development of aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, communication electronics, precision instruments and machine tools. With the development of science and technology, it has promoted the change of human production mode and thinking mode. Advanced manufacturing and information industry are paid more and more attention. The development of science and technology guides the development direction of industry, and the mode of production promotes the production process of material wealth.

In our life, our daily necessities are often rusted for some reasons, but the same problem also exists in my sheet metal processing console. Because of the storage problem, when we put the sheet metal processing console in the basement, its moisture will be relatively high. After being affected by moisture, we should timely carry out moisture and moisture absorption work for him.

Of course, excessive wet weather will also make small water droplets appear on the surface of the console. If the surface spraying is not good, there will be local discoloration, and more serious will lead to the breeding of mildew. But if the situation is not serious, we just need timely ventilation and dry in the shade. If there is condensate or mildew, we must wipe the water first, remove the mildew with a mild detergent and dehumidify. These are common methods. Of course, if the rust is serious, it's better to go to the repair shop for repair.

In fact, the protection of sheet metal mold is also very important, so we can set up protective plates around the mold and improve the mold. For example, reduce the dangerous area of the mold, expand the safe space and so on. We can improve the previous manual feeding without affecting the die strength and product quality, so as to improve the safety.