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  • The process of sheet metal parts processing is the combination of theory and Practice

    2021-04-09 16:58:51
    The machining process of automobile sheet metal parts mainly includes the process of NC programming blanking, bending, pressing riveting, welding, spraying and packaging. The process of sheet metal processing is the combination of theory and practice, and it is the process of combining basic technology knowledge, basic process method and basic process practice of mechanical manufacturing.
  • The principle of making general process route for automobile stamping parts

    2021-04-02 15:25:10
    If there is a problem in the programming procedure of automobile sheet metal parts, it will cause irreparable loss. Because the function of the special-shaped part of this kind of door plate is to install the door suction, the following processing schemes are usually adopted when mass production of such door panels: cutting machine cutting (three door suction pieces and other blanking) → punching internal holes of punch → angle cutting → folding machine folding test → welding four corners and three door suction pieces. The improvement of the scheme not only saves the cost of raw materials and equipment maintenance, but also greatly reduces the error rate of programming.
  • The car sheet metal parts in the area of high strength steel plate must be replaced after being damaged

    2021-03-26 15:43:39
    After the car body is damaged due to traffic accident and other reasons, the sheet metal parts of its shell will generally appear concave deformation. When the car body is slightly deformed, the general repair measures are to weld the concave parts of the car, pull the retractable ring device, pull the concave parts flat by traction,
  • What are the good characteristics of the material rack of automobile parts?

    2021-03-19 16:24:38
    In the automotive stamping industry, stamping is sometimes called sheet metal forming, but it is slightly different. The so-called sheet forming refers to the use of sheet, thin-walled tube, thin-walled material as raw materials for CNC machining plastic processing forming method, collectively known as sheet forming, at this time, the deformation of thick plate direction generally causes the causes of hardware damage and preventive measures.
  • The output and sales volume of auto parts industry will maintain a high-speed growth level in recent years

    2021-03-12 16:20:35
    The output and sales volume of auto parts industry will maintain a high-speed growth level in recent years. However, due to the continuous expansion of auto parts enterprises and the slow growth of auto demand, the overall production and sales rate of auto parts industry will decline, with a slight overcapacity, especially for products with low added value.
  • There are three steps in painting car sheet metal parts

    2021-03-05 14:17:20
    There are usually three steps for car body and spray painting First primer: it can fill the sand mark and micropore of the bottom layer of the workpiece, increase the adhesion of the lower layer coating, and also have the function of defect indication.
  • Die is an indispensable process equipment in the processing of automobile stamping parts

    2021-02-26 16:10:59
    Mold is an essential process equipment in stamping process, which plays an important role in product quality, product life extension and production efficiency. It is difficult to meet the production demand because the die often loses its working size due to wear in the production process. Therefore, it is very important to improve the durability of the mold.
  • How to prolong the service life and avoid corrosion and rust of automobile stamping parts

    2021-02-20 13:51:25
    In order to prolong the service life of stamping parts and avoid corrosion and rusting, the corresponding anti-corrosion treatment is generally done Preheating the workpiece before spraying can improve the adhesion of asphalt paint and accelerate the drying. Cement mortar lining with special coating can improve the anti-corrosion ability of workpiece lining.
  • The technology content of repairing automobile sheet metal parts is high

    2021-02-02 08:42:59
    Automobile sheet metal part is a kind of technology to repair the damaged automobile body. Sheet metal repair is to repair the large and small damage caused by automobile collision. It is different from the traditional white iron worker and cold working sheet metal worker, and plays an important role in the whole process of automobile repair. The recovery degree of body collision damage will directly affect the use performance and safety structure of the car after repair. Our automobile sheet metal repair workers have to do the specific work is mainly aimed at the car in the unfortunate traffic accident, after the collision damage, the affected parts have different degrees of damage, the body structure and theoretical parameters always have different degrees of change and damage repair.
  • Automobile stamping parts are widely used in automobile body

    2021-01-26 16:40:33
    In recent years, with the rapid development of automobile industry, the global car ownership has risen sharply. With the energy crisis and environmental pollution becoming more and more serious, reducing energy consumption has become a serious challenge for the development of automobile industry. Vehicle lightweight is undoubtedly one of the important methods to solve the above problems.
  • Pay attention to the direction of auto sheet metal parts during riveting

    2021-01-19 16:27:59
    The metal plate processing is sheet metal processing, such as the use of sheet metal can be processed into what we know chimney, bucket, oil pot and other products of different shapes. Sheet metal processing is more and more favored by users, it will be before we use plastic shell, after sheet metal processing method of special technology, can evolve into sheet metal production, so that the processed product is better than the previous strength, and use for a long time.
  • What are the common damage repair methods for automobile sheet metal parts?

    2021-01-12 16:02:31
    In the process of vehicle use, the sheet metal parts of automobile body will be damaged. Common are: wear, corrosion, fracture, concave convex or tearing of metal plate surface, fold, bending and distortion, etc.
  • Numerical control technology has been widely used in automobile sheet metal parts bed

    2021-01-06 16:15:43
    Numerical control technology has been widely used in the automotive sheet metal machine. It solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batch in sheet metal processing. Including CNC cutting machine, CNC welding machine, laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine. Their application in production greatly improves the sheet metal processing capacity, ensures the quality and output value of sheet metal parts, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
  • How to repair the tear of automobile sheet metal parts caused by external force impact and extrusion?

    2020-12-29 14:25:28
    The tearing of automobile sheet metal parts caused by external force impact and extrusion is accompanied by the extension of the sheet metal, or the loss of part of the sheet metal, commonly known as "lack of meat".
  • Automobile stamping parts can choose antirust oil according to three points

    2020-12-22 16:47:36
    What antirust oil is used for automobile stamping parts? To see the specific manufacturers, processing procedures, specific requirements! If the workpiece needs to be rustproof in stamping, it is recommended that you use anti rust stamping oil with anti rust function! If the workpiece needs to be rustproof after stamping, the automobile parts manufacturer suggests to use special anti rust oil at this time. The specific type of antirust oil can be determined according to the actual situation!
  • Automobile stamping parts should have good handicraft and economy

    2020-12-15 10:18:13
    Automobile stamping parts with the die called stamping die. Stamping die is a special tool to process metal or nonmetal materials into stamping parts in batch. Stamping die is very important in stamping. It is difficult to press in batch if there are no stamping dies that meet the requirements; it is impossible to improve the stamping process of the predecessors without improving their stamping dies. Stamping process, die, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping process, and stamping parts can only be obtained by combining them.
  • What should be paid attention to in the process of cleaning auto parts?

    2020-12-08 09:56:53
    Due to the limitation of price, brand positioning and other reasons, it is impossible to use good sheet metal materials for automobile materials. This leads to the hardware of rust. At the same time, whether the automobile manufacturers cut corners or not will make the performance of automobile materials vary greatly. We know that automobile steel plates can have many kinds of antirust treatment, such as zinc plating and chromium plating. Automobile manufacturers need to save the cost Some processes, which is why the exhaust pipes of some cars are rotten in a few years; in addition, there are some technological gaps, such as coating process, welding process, etc., which will make the rust degree appear "congenital" difference.
  • The site of sheet metal spraying is also the key to the effect of sheet metal spraying

    2020-12-01 10:56:34
    The painting process of automobile body parts is an operation with professional skills. In the operation, we need to pay attention to whether the paint is uniform, whether the paint surface is flat, and whether the color of the spray paint is consistent with the color of the car body. Therefore, when our car needs to spray paint after bumping, we should first understand some matters needing attention in the automobile body and paint painting, so as to avoid being pit during the service, So what should be noted?
  • Automotive stamping parts of the quality and reliability of the requirements are very high

    2020-11-24 16:25:26
    There are many kinds of automobile stamping parts, only a small part of them are special-purpose metal stamping parts, and most of the others are standard metal stamping parts. It is precisely because of the high quality and reliability requirements of the automobile, so the automobile stamping parts produced in our country can not all reach the localization level.
  • The automobile sheet metal parts shall be stored in the warehouse or covered dry site

    2020-11-17 09:12:37
    All automobile sheet metal parts shall be stored in the warehouse or covered dry site without harmful gas erosion and influence, and shall be well ventilated, and shall not be stored together with chemicals and acid-base materials.
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