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  • How to deal with the wear of automobile stamping parts?

    2022-01-14 20:45:49
    The stamping die of automobile stamping parts is an important process equipment in stamping production for precision stamping parts processing plants. It is a useful way to improve product quality, save original processing and show the skill and economy of molding products. Die durability punch and die after a period of operation,
  • Automobile stamping parts directly use the searched stamping die

    2021-12-31 15:17:01
    The automobile stamping die represents the generalization that can be classified into the basic graphics. First search the stamping die library for whether there is a stamping die that is completely common with the generalization and can punch out the generalization with one stamping action. If there is such a die, the stamping die set under "select stamping die" will be ignored and the searched stamping die will be directly used.
  • Automotive stamping parts play a very important role in the car industry

    2021-12-24 17:06:41
    When using this cold stamping technology to make car stamping parts, we must deal with the product quality seriously. It is assumed that when using this technology to make stamping parts, they are not produced according to the requirements, and the workmanship in the production does not meet the standards. In this way
  • Precautions for sheet metal workers in automobile sheet metal parts maintenance

    2021-12-17 16:24:07
    The work of automobile maintenance sheet metal workers has high technical content and strong process requirements. At present, almost all automobile maintenance enterprises at home and abroad are irregularly and irregularly training the front-line sheet metal workers in theory and practice, so as to enrich their technical connotation and make them proficient in modern new automobile body structure, body materials and new repair process of body collision damage, Proficient in using all kinds of sheet metal equipment and tools at home and abroad.
  • What are the benefits of parts produced by automobile stamping process?

    2021-12-10 17:17:25
    The parts obtained by different production processes have their own characteristics, and each production mode also has its own advantages. Nowadays, people still have a large demand for the parts processed by stamping parts, because now many people will choose the stamping method to get the products they need. Then, for the characteristics of stamping parts processing, Many people don't know very well. What are the benefits of parts produced by this process?
  • Is there a four-step stamping process for automotive stamping parts?

    2021-12-03 17:10:06
    If you carefully observe the produced automobile stamping parts, you will find that there are concave convex on the product surface, which affects the quality of the whole workpiece. To improve this situation, we must first find the root of the problem before we can formulate relevant solutions. Stamping manufacturers have also realized the seriousness of this problem, so they have begun to improve.
  • Special bending die is selected for forming and bending of automobile sheet metal parts

    2021-11-26 16:52:35
    Bending die is divided into standard die and special bending die according to bending process. Under standard bending conditions (right angle and non right angle bending), standard molds are generally used for bending, and special molds are used for bending some special structural parts (such as segment difference bending, dead edge pressing, etc.).
  • The machining engineering drawing of automobile sheet metal parts also belongs to the category of mechanical drawing

    2021-11-19 17:23:23
    The gradual formation and development of automobile sheet metal processing industry has greatly accelerated the development of manufacturing industry. The mode of sheet metal processing and distribution breaks the simple procurement and transportation of traditional logistics and introduces the concept of processing and distribution. This concept and idea broadens the vision and accelerates the integration of traditional mechanical manufacturing and technology.
  • The design of automobile stamping parts has become an important part in the process of product development

    2021-11-12 17:14:41
    With the wide application of sheet metal automotive stamping parts, the design of sheet metal process has become a very important part in the process of product development. Designers should master the process characteristics of sheet metal. On the one hand, sheet metal can meet the requirements of product function and appearance; On the other hand, it can optimize the design of sheet metal stamping parts to achieve low production cost and high production efficiency.
  • When selecting materials and processing industry for these automotive stamping parts

    2021-11-05 16:32:22
    Car stamping parts play a very important role in the car industry, so the raw materials are also widely used in the production of such stamping parts. Generally, when producing this kind of stamping parts, most of them use the cold stamping process for production or processing. Because the use of cold stamping processing methods in production enterprises can meet the characteristics of many varieties of industrial products and a large number of products produced per unit time. Especially in the era of mechanized production, the processing method of cold stamping has been widely welcomed in large and small processing enterprises.
  • Forging is widely used for automobile parts

    2021-10-29 16:21:53
    Forging is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of auto parts. Forging is divided into free forging and solid model forging. Free forging is a processing method in which a metal blank is placed on an anvil to bear impact or pressure (it is called "forging" in the market). The blanks of automobile gears and shafts are processed by free forging.
  • The product design of automobile stamping parts needs to meet the use requirements

    2021-10-22 16:14:01
    In order to prolong the service life of the workpiece and avoid corrosion and rust during the processing of automobile stamping parts, the corresponding anti-corrosion treatment is generally done. The common anti-corrosion treatment methods are as follows
  • The development of automotive stamping parts has many advantages and benefits

    2021-10-15 17:13:01
    As we know, this kind of products are rich in variety and complex in shape. Usually, some small automobile parts with different size requirements and complex shape can be processed under stamping conditions.
  • Automobile stamping parts should have a good optimization design method

    2021-10-12 16:53:53
    In the automobile market, we will find that in addition to the automobile related spare parts products, automobile stamping products also exist. The difference is that they are spare parts materials that need to be processed, welded or completed by other processes. Specifically, what do these stamping parts affect the automobile?
  • Automobile sheet metal processing industry is facing the pressure of reducing manufacturing costs year by year

    2021-10-02 17:03:59
    Various mechanical solutions in the process of plastic forming are studied to analyze the distribution law of stress and strain in the deformation body, and determine the deformation force and deformation work, so as to reasonably select the equipment tonnage and die strength.
  • The more driving kilometers of auto parts, the greater the wear of brake pads

    2021-09-24 16:56:02
    Three simple tips to teach you how to self check the brake pads. Next, we will introduce several simple and effective self inspection methods of brake pads - "one sleep, two listening and three checking".
  • The products processed by automobile stamping parts are more convenient to install

    2021-09-17 16:00:29
    Forging is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of auto parts. Forging is divided into free forging and solid model forging. Free forging is a processing method in which a metal blank is placed on an anvil to bear impact or pressure (it is called "forging" in the market). The blanks of automobile gears and shafts are processed by free forging. Solid model forging of automobile parts processing is a processing method in which the metal blank is placed in the die bore of the forging die and formed under impact or pressure.
  • Automotive sheet metal parts are based on advanced machining equipment

    2021-09-10 16:10:43
    Automobile sheet metal parts processing center is a comprehensive processing technology guided by laser processing technology, based on advanced machining equipment and integrating automation, intelligence, computer and information management. It is a good combination and development direction of today's steel production industry and manufacturing industry. It is an important subject and development focus faced by the national economy at this stage.
  • What are the reasons for the bad phenomenon of automobile stamping parts

    2021-09-03 10:51:11
    What are the reasons for unilateral burr of automobile stamping parts
  • Automotive sheet metal parts must have good process performance requirements

    2021-08-27 10:50:37
    In automobile manufacturing and maintenance, the shape of many sheet metal structural parts is very complex. In order to avoid the difficulty of sheet metal, sheet metal materials must have good process performance requirements, namely
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